The theme for my portfolio is LGBTQ+ representation. I wanted to get pictures of people I knew who were in LGBTQ+ and show off their alignments with the colours of their respective flags or issues. I feel that in today’s society we don’t see enough of these types of people, though things are slowly improving for

For this picture I wanted to paint faces with the colours of the rainbow, the gay flag, while keeping a dramatic look and light. I also wanted this photo to match the lesbian one below, for them to be opposites of each other in a sense, hence them facing the other way and having the opposite cheek painted. I like the expression that this model made and I’m glad he could stay still for it.


A challenge I faced while taking this was to get it to match the gay representation one above. Getting my model to have the same look and pose as the other was a bit of a challenge. I enjoy the colours and I like working with this model. I’m glad I didn’t have to change contrast too much for these photos since the dramatic light was already there.


I wanted this photo to have a strong message to go along with it because I have a connection to this part of the LGBTQ+. I wanted the fears of me and my fellow trans people to be shown. It was difficult to portray the expression that I wanted from my model but by the end of the shoot we managed to snag this one. This is probably my favourite picture within this theme.


I tried to keep with the dramatic lighting in this photo and I used a hair light so things wouldn’t show up to be overly dark. I also identify strongly with this image so I wanted it to be stronger. It was difficult to get my model to stay put as I painted her face and take the photo but it was worth it.


I believe this part of the LGBTQ+ isn’t spoken of enough in society, I’ve seen them constantly being left out from the rest of the group with people replacing the “A”  with ally instead. I wanted to have Asexual be a part of my theme because of this, I didn’t want to leave them out yet again. I really enjoy working with the model in this photograph and I’m glad she was up for doing this shoot.




I took this photo during my grade 11 year in room 222. I wanted to bring my dog into the studio for pictures because I believe she’s a nice looking dog and can be very photogenic. My favourite part of this photo is my dogs expression and how focused her eye was.


This photo was inspired by Halloween and was taken in October 2016. I went out to buy fake blood for a photo and decided to use it in this way. I loved how the shadow on this picture makes it look as if the blood flow is defying gravity. The drop on this photo is probably my favourite part of it though, I chose this one solely for that.

“At a Glance”

The colour in this photograph is the reason I chose it. We used a golden reflector to get that shine on her upper lip and the golden glow in her hair and skin. I also love how the colour of her eyes stood out here, you could really see how beautiful her eyes are.


This photograph was difficult for me to get just right because my model moved quite a bit. I had to get her to prop her arms up on a table to hold her head still for this and it worked out amazingly as I got her eye in focus.

“Christmas Morning”

This photo was another that happened to be difficult to take. I had to climb up into a snow bank to get it just right, though the snow in my shoes was definitely worth it. I wished I had have gotten this taken in a forest with snow falling at the time but I made do with what I had at the moment.


One of my favourite shots from my grade 12 year. I finally got around to playing with different types of lighting and using the snoot for this one to block out distracting backgrounds. The bright red colour and sharpness of the water drops came out nicely and I am extremely proud of this picture.